You Think It's A Magic Trick, But You'll Realize It's More Than A Magic!

This guy is a master of art! He uses playing cards for his performance. He tore the king of clubs into four parts, and place them on the left side. After a while I've been thinking what trick might he perform like those popular video on Youtube on their amazing tricks. But then while he placed it on the left side, he then brought up a ruler and a pencil.

Now this really gave me a thought of what he would do. I remembered that this guy can draw from his channel that I'm subscribed to. He will then draw this playing cards (king of clubs) on the right side as a copycat. While he was outlining the torn cards, and giving those details and shadows, I was really amazed on his talented skills. He can draw it almost exactly the same as the torn cards on the left.

Finally he completes the highlights and shadows and boom! You'll see a realistic drawing of a playing card! Check for yourself if it's true, watch the video below.

Realism Challenge of a Playing Card. Amazing Realistic Drawing

credits to: markcrilley via Youtube

Did he draw the cards realistic? What do you think? Maybe give him a ranking from 0 to 10.  10 is the highest.

screenshot from youtube

Also check out his other art as bonus!

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