[Watch] He Was Getting Defensive, But A Terrible Shaqtin' A Fool Happened

During Saturday's preseason game against the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James forgot which team he was on for a second, setting a screen for former teammate Norris Cole despite being on defense.

Apparently James isn't used to playing against players in Heat uniforms.

But wait, what's that? James was supposed to be playing defense? Ah, yes, James set a screen on his own teammate while the man he was supposed to be guarding, Heat newbie Luol Deng, popped for the open corner jumper (that he subsequently air balled).

The Heat didn't end up scoring on the possession, but it was pretty strange to see that kind of mental lapse from LeBron. Fortunately, it's only the preseason, and he won't have to play the Heat in the regular season until Christmas.

We get it, old habits die hard. It was a pretty awkward series, to say the least.

Shaqtin' A Fool by LebWrong James

credits from: JUSTMIKETV1 via Youtube

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