She Was Given A Clue, She Thought About Winning But Then When She Recognize It. Unbelievable!

A contestant plays Deal or No Deal and she chooses case number 21 for no reason. Howie gives her hints what is about the case she chose. She was very sure what she knows about the case that Howie is telling her. Even the family did not know what is was all about, the audience had no idea until Howie the host of Deal or No Deal finally reveals the hidden prize.

One of the models has been replaced with the contestant's sister. It takes her and her mother several minutes to recognize their sister/daughter.

She and her family were really shocked and cannot believe that they were staring on a wrong side of the clue. It was her sister and not the case # 21. 

I think she and her family must have been missing the long seen sister.

What do you think? Had she won already, or it was really the clue?

Deal or No Deal - Contestant Doesn't Recognize Her Sister

credits to: theanimation via Youtube

screenshot from youtube

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credits to: UberCrappyVideos via Youtube

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