This Will Happen If You Get Too Greedy. Everyone Should Be Aware Of This.

I was just really looking on my archive links of videos until I came and saw this short film "The Black Hole". Actually it was all about the outcome if you get so greedy.

This man, who was bored and stressed out of his overtime job found something extra ordinary. Apparently when he was photocopying something, a black circle print came out the copier. Then when he unconsciously dropped his coffee on the black hole, the cup was gone with it.

Until he got mad, he tried to steal food on the vendor machine. And the worse that he tried is to steal money in the steel money safe but when he got so greedy, he did not know the paper with black hole was detached and dropped from the safe which he entered.

So the lesson? How will you handle things that came to you as a gift, a gift that needs to be used in a right manner. Will you be greedy or think?

Watch the full video here.

credits to PHOTOPLAY FILMS via Vimeo

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screenshot from vimeo

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