3 Best Ways To Tie Your Shoe Laces That You Wish You Knew In The First Place

Literally, tying shoe laces is pretty basic and most people don't really care if they were taught of how to tie it correctly. But somehow I've learned the best way of tying my shoe laces about 5 years ago. So this techniques are awesome to take and will take you few tries to master. You wanted this to know and show off! Ready?

1. Tie your shoe laces in 1 Second! Literally!

from: Yasin Ikram | Youtube

2. Now if you are fast enough, try with one hand!

from: ProfessorShoelace | Youtube

3. With your favorite Top Sider, let's say your Sperry. Mine was Dockside. This way you should tie it correctly.

from: Sperry Top-Sider | Youtube

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