Jaw Dropping Scenes Of A Time Lapse, This Is Amazing!

Watching the sky driving through the air, the stars that shines brightly on top of a mountain and every living and non-living things created by our God is an amazing experience. With the help of this technology called "time lapse" that captures a scene every 2 or 5 seconds for a long duration (an hour or more) of time and when it is played in a normal speed 30 frame per seconds, every event and moments of that particular scene or a place like one shown on this video will make your jaw drop of it's wondrous creation. See for yourself by watching it.

Also, this technology can now be done with some Apps on Andoird and iOS as free. You may want to try it out. Try Lapse It.

So what do you think? are you impressed?

credits to: Shane Black via Vimeo

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screenshot from vimeo

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