[Important] When In Storm Like [Mario], This Tools Is Needed For Monitoring And Save You From Being Stranded!

Quick Links: Maybagyo.com TrafficNavigator from TV5 and MMDA

You are in the office, school, at the mall, or at your friend's house, or in a meeting place but there's a storm like FUN-WONG a.k.a. MARIO coming or even on it.

You need a trusted and quality monitoring for floods, traffic, storm signals, and announcements!

I've found these sites that may help everyone specially Filipinos that is experiencing the storm MARIO.

First is, Maybagyo.com

Maybagyo.com is an alias of typhoon2000.com made by David Michael Padua who aims to broadcast the latest and detailed report in international and local cyclones.

The most Interesting and helpful part is the Animation like shown with the red arrows.

TNAV is "Traffic Navigator" made by Interaksyon of TV5 with partnership with MMDA. This is to help commuters and motorists to view the road alerts, traffic update, flood alerts, and status of most of the streets and main highways of Metro Manila.

I hope this information will help you and get informed of the latest Storm #Mario update.
Be Safe Everyone!

Credits from MMDA, TV5 and Maybago

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