The Little Lea Salonga Sings For Her Mother, You'll Never Know What She Could Really Do In The Future!

Credits to: ABS-CBN via Youtube

Nicole Beverly Chien sings "Yesterday's Dream" at PICC. She was intruduced by her mother, Lea Salonga's on her concert. Most of us know that miss Lea was the best singer on her Miss Saigon era. Bringing her daughter on the stage is somewhat the pride of the International singer. The question is, will this Miss Saigon's daughter be following her mother's footsteps?

If she continue on this career passionately and also with the help of her mother, maybe she could be the future's next Miss Saigon or even better.

So what do you think? Will she have a good future in singing?

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Nicole Beverly Chien smiles before singing.

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