This Is Not An Act Like You See In Circus. I Was Shocked Watching Him!

It's not even normal to talk to wild animals or stay with them, but there will always be an exemption. Kevin Richardson A.K.A. "Lion Whisperer" a South African animal behaviorist who has worked extensively with native animals of Africa, can play with them without getting bitten or eaten. He then can communicate to these wild animals using his gifted skills of communicating with lions. It maybe a God given gifts or a long term learning experience to every animals he encounters. You wouldn't want to try this or even think about it, but let this guy do what he can do! He can still laugh while the lions seems eating him, what a guy!

Here is a clip for a demonstration.

credits to: Englishdomcom via Youtube

Do you know someone who can do similar to this?

screenshot from youtube

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