16 Mind Hacks That Will Turn You Into Sherlock

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In your daily life, you encounter people and the way you act will have an effect on them on their subconscious. You may not be aware of them that cause this effect. But there will be always a way to find them out.

Check this 16 mind hacks that will make you realize how people around you reacts on a certain circumstances. I may help you out!

1. In group of people, this happens.

2. With a date..

 3. As a customer service, this happens

4. having stress?

5. friends' impressions

6. commanding your emotions

7. counter effect

8. to be keen 

 9. do eye contacts

10. being confident

11. oh do this right away

 12. what people agree

 13. be in control in a conversation

 14. yeah, this is right, i think...

 15. just keep talking

 16. anti-fear.. 

credits to:  jooooop via imgur

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