Top 11 Office Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever wanted a "Do-It-Yourself" things on your office desk? Well, I bring you my Top 11 of 2014 Office Hacks that will change your everyday life. Also stirs your mood!

Here are the list for you!

1. Fix wobbly office furniture by using old CDs to avoid wobbles and protect the carpet.

2. Create a smartphone stand for hands-free video chatting or steady pictures by using an old cassette case.

3. Drill holes only where you need them.

4. Keep your key card in the back of your phone case.

5. Turn old technology into organizers

6. Use Paper Clips as Fork If you Don't Have One

7. Use a Macbook charger  to open bottles.

8. Beat a sweet-tooth craving by baking a small-portion treat using a mug and the office microwave.

9. Use a leftover bread tab to hold your spot on a roll of masking tape

10. Clean a dirty keyboard by using a piece of clear tape to get between the keys

11. Create your own tea filter with a Styrofoam cup.

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